Since its foundation, T.G. Beco has offered a wide range of services. Whether you’re looking to develop, build, renovate, or restore a commercial, residential, institutional, pharmaceutical, hotel, or retail project, T.G. BECO offers a turnkey service that makes life easier for all our partners and investor clients. Doing business with T.G. Beco means guaranteed peace of mind. All our services are provided at a flat rate. No commission, no nasty surprises.

Our turnkey real estate development services:
  • Market research
  • Site selection and feasibility analysis
  • Due diligence and preliminary pro forma
  • Acquisition or buying options
  • Project architecture and detailed pro forma
  • Procurement of building permits, zoning amendments, and other permits
  • Pre-sale
  • Financing and final pro forma
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Management
Maximize each dollar of your investment

Our managers will act as advisors and coordinators, providing constructive and innovative solutions to maximize each stage of the project. Their outstanding management allows them to lead effectively and collaborate fruitfully with architects, engineers, land surveyors, and all other professionals involved in the success of your project.

Our project management service includes:

  • planning, design, and execution of the project;
  • supervision of the budget and timeline;
  • evaluation of estimates, recommendation of specialized contractors, and awarding of contracts;
  • supervision and management of work;
  • monitoring of timeline and budgetary restrictions.
T.G. Beco will accompany you through each stage of your construction project. Once you have identified a potential site, we will help you carry out the inspection, which includes:
  • evaluation of the site and existing buildings;
  • planning of feasibility studies;
  • inspection of soil conditions and existing structures, if necessary;
  • inspection of elements that could cause delays in the project;
  • recommendation of most effective density and framework for project;
  • study of preliminary design and recommendation of best solutions.

The planning phase is a key stage that is essential to the success of your project. Our project management team will coordinate all the subcontracting involved in the work.

As soon as the plans are drawn up, we will establish a budget that will be kept up to date until the completion of the construction plans and create a detailed work timeline according to the plans provided by the architects. In order to obtain a permit within a timeframe that meets your expectations, we will analyze and determine the steps necessary to ensure the conformity of the construction site with municipal leaders and/or government agencies. We will collaborate with all the professionals involved in your project by closely managing each step. We take everything into consideration with our study of the plans, modifications, recommendations, materials, and final design – nothing is left to chance when it comes to respecting your project’s requirements, schedule, and budget, while still ensuring high-quality service. Our team employs a number of collaborators with diversified expertise in order to carry out studies and reports on your project’s feasibility, projected returns, and final plans. With the help of accredited consultants, we set the final costs and have financial institutions prepare documents establishing our spending commitments.

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